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.NET VNC Viewer is a VNC viewer written entirely in C#. It is binary compatible with Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Windows desktops (with .NET Compact Framework or .NET Framework). I write this mainly because other VNC viewers on Pocket PC do not do full screen and screen rotation.

In addition, I have the following in my mind when I write .NET VNC Viewer:

For more information please refer to the Features section and the Screenshots section. You may also go directly to the Download section to get a copy of .NET VNC Viewer.



I am getting tired of updating the screenshots on all platforms, so I only have a few here. Please look at the old ones if you want some more.

On a Windows desktop

On a Pocket PC

On a Smartphone

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Releases of .NET VNC Viewer can be downloaded from SourceForge at this page.


It works on the following devices:

It may or may not work on previous versions of .NET Framework.


Just copy the exe to a directory on your device and execute from there.


Most of the time it should be pretty straight forward, but there are some features that are not so obvious.

To exit full screen mode on a desktop, "tap-and-hold" your right mouse button. A context menu will appear that let you go back to window mode. To exit full screen mode on a Pocket PC, tap-and-hold on the touch screen. After the dot goes around the big circle once, release your stylus and the context menu will popup (if it goes around the big circle twice a right mouse click is sent to the server). To exit full screen mode on a Smartphone, "tap-and-hold" soft key 2.

To enter letters on a Smartphone, press "*" on your keypad. A textbox will show at the lower right corner and you can enter letters as well as the arrow keys, backspace, enter, etc. The textbox will dismiss itself automatically after idle for several seconds.


Any comments and questions should be directed to the corresponding forum at this page.

Known Issues

Comments on C# and .NET (Compact) Framework

History (Apr 24, 2007) (Apr 24, 2005) (Mar 22, 2005)

1.0.1 (Feb 27, 2005)

1.0.0 (Jan 19, 2005)



The official VNC site.

This is a variant of VNC on Windows. It supports many features not in the original VNC suite. Most of the code of .NET VNC Viewer is derived from UltraVNC's codebase.

Currently .NET VNC Viewer is hosted on SourceForge. For news and releases of .NET VNC Viewer please visit the project web at this page.

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